New Zealand Job Application Process 2021

 Job websites & recruitment companies

Most migrants need a job offer to get a work visa. So finding a job will probably be your first task to do before you move to New Zealand.

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Common ways to find a job in New Zealand are to use job websites or to go through a recruitment company. You can also contact employers directly.

Finding a job from overseas

Most New Zealand employers are open to hiring people from overseas if they are not able to find people in New Zealand to fill jobs.

There are several websites designed to connect offshore workers with New Zealand employers. Employers listing jobs on these websites may have more experience in hiring migrants. Work here and Working in New Zealand are good sites to look at.

General job websites

The most popular websites for job seekers in New Zealand are Trade Me and Seek. These sites list a lot of vacancies.

You can find other general job vacancy websites on the website.

Trade Me Jobs


Job vacancy and recruitment websites |

Recruitment services for skilled migrants

The New Kiwis online migrant recruitment service is a free national service for skilled migrants and their partners. It matches them with employers who need their skills.

Register your CV with New Kiwis and search for jobs advertised by employers registered with the site.

New Kiwis

Regional programmer for migrant job seekers

The Regional Newcomer Skills Matching and Job Search Assistance programmes build links between job-seeking migrants and employers that need their skills.

You can find local service providers on the ‘Jobs & employment’ page for your region.

Our regions and cities 

Recruitment companies

New Zealand employers often use recruitment companies or agents to find suitable employees, particularly for specialist and high-level jobs. You can register with more than one company. The New Zealand employment market is small, so it is important to keep track of who you have contacted about jobs and when.

You do not need to pay the company or agent as they get paid by the employer when they place someone in a job.

You can find a list of recruitment agents on the website.

Job vacancy and recruitment websites |

Making direct contact

Some jobs are not advertised so a good strategy is to contact employers directly. Showing initiative always impresses New Zealand employers. You can also contact professional bodies and employer organizations directly.

Using phone or email

Do not be afraid to call or email a company you are interested in working for, even if that is not how you do things in your home country. If they do not have a suitable job for you, the people you talk to may offer you the name of someone in another company. Or they may give you advice about other skills you have that may be useful to others.


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